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Our Process

You     Us .

We see the world through your eyes.

We become stewards of your story. We learn who you are, and who your audience is. We join your team and share your goals.

Your vision is our vision.


   Smoke    Mirrors_

Yes, we do special effects, immersive environments, augmented reality... and sometimes, actual smoke and mirrors!

We use every tool in the box. We’ve animated elephants and made ghost heads float in mid-air. But underneath the smoke and mirrors, every project stays on solid ground.


The best special effect is a good script.

We care about details. We dig deep. Facts are credibility, and we get them right, but facts without poetry have no life. Every story blends information and art.

We will help you find the perfect balance.


Poetry    Prose`

Learning is a full body exercise!

Join the dance in an immersive theater. Aim a real cannon and sink virtual ships. Role-play real-life scenarios with your friends. Record and remix a classic song.

Trust us, this will be fun!


       Fun    Games_

Our Company

Michal Carr giving on-set direction to Kristen Chenoweth during a shoot for the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.Hillmann & Carr is a Woman-Owned Small Business incorporated in Washington D.C. and Toronto, Canada, with resources and partners across the country and world-wide.

Since our founding in 1974, Hillmann & Carr has completed more than 500 commissions for its clients, on time and on budget. For more than 40 years we've consistently managed to find common ground between ideas and reality, historians and interpreters, curators and showbiz, information and entertainment.

Hillmann & Carr specializes in media experiences for exhibitions and educational institutions:

 • Video and Audio Production• Application and Web Development• Master Planning and Consulting• Exhibit Development• Research & Writing• Focus Group/Community Research• Systems Design & Contracting  • Theaters and Immersive Environments• Group Interactive Experiences• Architectural Media• Historic Reenactment• Audio Soundscapes• Oral History Collection• Outreach, Education, and Training 


Our Clients

“Their production is a visually stunning and intellectually compelling story.”

—Library of Congress

“It turned out to be a grand slam.”

—National Endowment for the Arts

“The stellar comments we've been receiving are out of this world!”

— St. Lawrence Parks Commission

“I felt my heart begin to pound, and by the time it was over, there was a smile on my face that just wouldn't quit.”

— Anti-Defamation League


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